NGC 2244 – The Rosette Nebula

“I go back outside again and Orion, along with the Unicorn, seemingly were engaged in combat with the clouds”

The Rosette – A Blooming Flower In Space

“I go back outside again and Orion, along with the Unicorn, seemingly were engaged in combat with the clouds”

In the ever vast ocean of stars, galaxies, gaseous clouds and reflecting dust nebulae lies one target. An almost delicate flower of a nebulae. So fine its details that you could just blow it away with your own breath, like one would a dandeloin.

I am of course referring to the cluster of NGC 2244. Fondley referred to as The Rosette Nebula.

This particular form of gas lies about 5200 light years from our rock in space. It’s radius is placed at 65 light years. No, I haven’t measured it myself. I’ve got it from Wikipedia. Located in the easy to miss constellation of Monoceros – The Unicorn – it chases Orion through the winter nights in the northern hemisphere. With the Twins, Gemini, gleefully following along.

A shot from behind of my telescope imaging The Rosette Nebulae


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IC 405 – Flaming Star Nebula

“I’m sort of done with Orion at the moment”


It was a cold, bitter night in Britain,

But it was, at least, clear. Despite what the weather forecast said. Sometimes relying on a forecast only takes you so far. With the actual sky being clear, I decided I just had to set up.

I’m slowly getting really used to setting up my equipment, getting faster and faster at it. Though… I have to admit, and this will come as a surprise to you, the footage of me setting up in the video above… it’s sped up.

I know! Shocking.

IC 405- The Flaming Star Nebula

I don’t think “The” is part of its title, but it sounds better to me – so I’m rolling with that. This evening posed the question we all face: “What do I shoot?”. With so many targets and so precious few nights the right decision is important.

I really wanted to shoot some Horsehead Nebulae, since it’s so iconic. But I’m sort of done with Orion at the moment. No fault of its own, but its where I mainly have been shooting. So the Horsehead’s iconicity was kind of its downfall for this time. The Heart Nebulae is another I want to shoot – but it bearly fits in the FOV of my ED80 even with the 0.8x reducer/flattener.

So I decided on the Flaming Star. I hadn’t seen many people uploading pictures of it this season so I decided to give it a go. Plus its magnititude was quite forgiving at Magnititude 6.

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