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I, Ruzeen Farsad, of RF Copy and Content take your privacy seriously. To that end, and to comply with UK law, publish this privacy policy.

Within this I will outline what data I collect, why, for how long and whether it is shared or not. How to request your data to be removed and how to request a copy of the data I currently handle on your organisation. I do all I can to ensure your privacy is protected. Should you be asked for any identifiable information on this website then you can be assured it will be used in line with this privacy statement and with the GDPR implemented on 25/5/18.

This page may be updated from time to time in line with changing laws and regulations. You can always come and check this page for a change log (located at the bottom of the policy) for any updates. This policy is effective and up-to-date as of 15/09/18

RF Copy and Content data policy

  • Name and contact of business owner:

Ruzeen Farsad, 07856147513,, 49 Barnwell Street, Kettering, NN16 0JD, England.

  • Purpose of processing:

In order to supply you with services and offers your contact name, business address, email, physical address and telephone can be collected. These are requested via a consent form to be compliant with the GDPR guidelines. Once obtained your details will be used in order to advertise services to you, check-in, keep lines of communication open and to follow-up. The purpose of obtaining and processing your information also extends to, but is not limited by, the following:

  1. Internal record keeping
  2. Information may be used to improve services and products
  3. I may periodically use the information to send you promotional material targeted for your particular interests and requirements via email or letter form.
  4. I may periodically use the information to send you offers and other information deemed to be of relevance to your particular interests via email or letter form.
  5. From time to time I may use your information to contact you for market research purposes. This may be via any of the consented forms of communication you selected during the time you gave your consent on the contact/consent form.


  • Lawful basis of processing:

In line with GDPR all data is obtained from a legitimate interest point-of-view. That is; I will not cold-email you if I do not think my services are of any relevance to you or your organisation. Once consent has been given it is within your right to request what information I hold on you and also you can request erasure of said information at any time – a request to be complied within four working weeks.

  • What is collected

I may request and collect the following information. Usually this has been given at time of consent being delivered but further consent forms and details within emails may add to the data I process.

  1. Name and job title
  2. Contact information, telephone number(s), email address(es)
  3. Demographic area such as postcode, income levels, areas of interest
  4. Satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, testimonials.
    • No results of surveys, feedback forms or testimonials will be used without your explicit permission to be featured on my promotional materials.
  • Right to access and right of erasure

At any given time you are allowed to request a report on what information I hold on you. This is done at no charge to you. Email me at with a request for freedom of information, and I shall respond to you as soon as possible. However to streamline this, and to ensure security, before disclosing information I shall request:

  • Access
    • A letter headed document pertaining to your request, with your full company details on it and contact information, with the details of your request in the letter’s body. This can be sent in the post, or as a PDF to my email. This must be signed and dated. This document will be held onto for 4 weeks, and a copy of this document will also be sent back to you (signed by me) with the necessarily information requested.
    • With this request of information you consent me to telephone you in order to confirm the request of information.
  • Erasure
    • You may use the opt-out form found at to send an electronic request for data deletion. Once received I shall telephone you to confirm the request as a double-measure. Once the request has been authorised and finalised all data pertaining to you and your company shall be deleted within four working weeks. Usually as soon as authorisation is confirmed. Alternatively you can send a letter detailed with the same contact information as the right of access letter detailed above. The letter shall be taken as complete authorisation for data to be deleted.
  • Security

I do all I can to ensure your information is secure and to prevent data breaches. Because data breaches aren’t fun for any of us. I use a dedicated customer relations manager to store your information on which has its own safeguards in place against data breaches, and a suitable level of physical, electronic and managerial procedures to secure all information collected. No documents including identifiable information will be printed needlessly, and where the information is printed it will be securely held. Your personal information will not be discussed with anyone else. Your information is not shared with third parties or sold.

  • Ads and Analytics Services Provided by Others

Ads appearing on any of my pages may be delivered by advertising networks. Other parties may also provide analytics services via our Services. These ad networks and analytics providers may set tracking technologies (like cookies) to collect information about your use of our Services and across other websites and online services. These technologies allow these third parties to recognize your device to compile information about you or others who use your device. This information allows us and other companies to, among other things, analyze and track usage, determine the popularity of certain content, and deliver advertisements that may be more targeted to your interests. Please note this Privacy Policy only covers the collection of information by RF Copy and Content and does not cover the collection of information by any third party advertisers or analytics providers. If you click-through an advert on my site then you should check the new website’s privacy policy, as once you leave my domain ( my policy no longer applies for any action carried out on domains other than mine.

I respect your privacy and are committed to providing you with transparency and control over the types of ads you receive. Federated Media Publishing and our trusted partners use small pieces of information stored via your browser, called “cookies”, to target relevant advertising based on the sites that you visit. We don’t store any personal information about you in our cookie. The cookie stores a number that we tie to your browser, to show ads relevant to you. You can opt-out below. This does not prevent you from receiving ads, but allows you to choose which behavioral targeting partners can use your anonymous site visit data to target ads to you.


  • Cookies

Cookies are small, iddy-bitty sized files that are stored on your computer after permission is granted. Once agreed, the file is added to your hard-drive and analyses traffic and lets you know when you’re on and visiting a particular site. They are useful in that they make the website experience more personal and tailored to you, the individual. It remembers information, and using this information changes the operations of the webpage based on your surfing habits, likes and dislikes. Cookies are the things that allow passwords to be remembered on certain sites (not this one), or user settings being remembered.

Traffic cookies are used to see what web pages are attracting the most attention. This is good for me, since it allows me to analyse this information so I can cater my website more directly and focus my attentions effectively. This is anonymous, at most it shows the country you’re visiting from. It helps me see what is going on from a dull statistical analysis viewpoint, and then the data gets deleted. My site is powered by WordPress, who handles the implementation of the cookies.

In a nutshell, or a cookie-sheet: Cookies are small files that hold no individual information on you (other than information you freely give), they grant me no access to your computer, and can largely be ignored with no consequence. They do nothing but good for you – like real cookies! You can always modify your cookie settings, or refuse cookies. But then your web experience may not be as tailored for you as intended.

  • Links to other websites

My website may contain links to external websites outside of the domain. It is worth mentioning that if you venture forth from my website then I cannot control or be held responsible for your personal data privacy and protection. I endeavour to only supply links (if links are supplied at all) to secure HTTPS websites that feature adequate encryption and the coveted green padlock. But user discretion and caution is advised.

  • This website is a WordPress website, and such WordPress also collects information. The following is an excerpt from their privacy policy in relation to this.
    • Visitors to Our Users’ Websites

“We also process information about visitors to our users’ websites, on behalf of our users and in accordance with our user agreements. Please note that our processing of that information on behalf of our users for their websites isn’t covered by this Privacy Policy. We encourage our users to post a privacy policy that accurately describes their practices on data collection, use, and sharing of personal information. If you’d like, you can also read more about the data we collect on behalf of our users in our Privacy Notice.”

  • If there’s an error in your information

If you have requested and received your information pack of data I process, or you made a mistake during submission of consent, then please get in contact with me as soon as possible. You can find my contact options here.



Last updated 19/11/18

19/11/18: Additions to the advertising section to include information relating to adverts placed on this site.